Office Moving

Is your company relocating to a new location? Relocating from one office location to another is often viewed as a daunting task; but it doesn’t have to be this way. With careful planning and the right office moving company to assist you with all your needs, you can have your office space packed up and moved with little disruption to your business.

Our goal at Pegas Moving Inc. is to prioritize your needs at every stage of your move. It’s more than just putting computers in boxes and placing them in a truck. Every business invests money into purchasing the best equipment to streamline its processes. This often includes office equipment that needs to be handled with care.

Our team of movers have specialized training in moving office equipment to ensure safe packaging, transportation and delivery of your office equipment.

Reliable Office Movers in Toronto You Can Count On!

There are many reasons why a company may need to move its physical location. When looking for a professional office moving company in Toronto, it’s important that the movers you hire are specialists and trained on handling various types of office equipment like computers, servers, electronic systems, records, furniture and other office equipment in a way that is organized.

If you need your entire office moved within a short amount of time, we’re the movers to hire for the job. We specialize in local moving and long distance moving.

We understand the need to continue to prioritize your business operations during your move. This is because we know that any downtime is costing you money. To minimize this, our team is available to move after hours and even over the weekend to ensure that your doors are ready to open for business as soon as possible.

Moving Your Company Across the Country?

No problem! We are more than just another moving company in Toronto. We cater to small company moves across town and larger relocations to other parts of Ontario. We are also proud to offer long distance office moving that includes moving services to locations across Canada and even to the USA!

A Trusted Name in Moving Services

The last thing you want to do when you get to your new office location is to waste time trying to figure out where things are. At Pegas Moving Inc., we make sure that each workstation is packed into individual boxes in an organized way to minimize confusion and ensure personal belongings don’t get mixed up or misplaced during the move.

We use different forms of packaging to ensure that your office equipment arrives at your new location damage-free. By using anti-static packaging, vacuum packaging, HD foam packaging and other customized equipment suitable for your needs, we’re able to provide a pleasant moving experience.

We’re committed to ensuring that your move is as convenient and hassle-free as possible for you. Trust Pegas Moving Inc. to handle all your office moving needs.

Call today to find out more about our professional moving services.